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Washable Nappy Video Review

"I Just Love Them"

We caught up with full-time cloth nappy user, Jennifer, to find out why she loves NappyLuxe nappies for her two little girls. Jennifer also shares advice for those thinking of making the switch from disposable nappies to cloth.

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Why NappyLuxe?

Choose an easy use one-size-fits-most newborn nappy, which grows with your baby, and is crammed full of clever design features.

Make switching to cloth smoother than a baby's bum.

"Just So Easy"

Having tried over 20 different cloth nappy brands, Naomi has stacks of experience using cloth nappies. Find out why she loves NappyLuxe and which nappy design features she likes best.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
As an experienced cloth nappy user, we were super impressed with this nappy! We loved the microfleece layer on the inserts as it kept bub dry. The cute print, well that's just a bonus!
— Naomi F
Customer reviews
I just love how buttery soft the nappy is against my baby's skin, it's a dream!!! The sizing of the nappy is spot on, not too big or too small.
— Leia N
The evolution of cloth nappies - from terry towelling to the modern nappies we know and love today

The Evolution of Newborn Cloth Nappies

Newborn cloth nappies have been around for centuries.

Many of us would have worn terry-towelling nappies as babies, before disposables became the norm in the mid 1900's.

Reusable cloth nappies have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently as they have evolved and become easier to prepare, use and wash.

NappyLuxe cloth nappies are an old classic modernised for today's busy parents. You'll love'em!

Newborn Cloth Nappies

Choose a premium and luxuriously soft newborn cloth nappy. Suitable from birth for average sized newborns, these reusable nappies are easily adjusted to grow with your baby until toilet training age. Tried and tested on newborns (including our own) you will love the snap-in design which enables you to easily build the level of absorbency your newborn baby needs. The benefits of choosing these nappies for your newborn include:

Newborn cloth nappies from birth and beyond

Many one-size-fits-most (OSFM) cloth nappies are simply too large to fit a newborn baby from birth. Babies are generally born with thin legs, and a larger fitting nappy leaves gaps around the legs which leads to leakages. These nappies on the other hand, are an ideal medium sized OSFM nappy and have been tried and tested to fit average sized newborn babies from birth up to around 14 kg.

Nappies with added absorbency

Each nappy comes with 2 inserts as standard, a large insert and a smaller booster / newborn insert. These inserts can be snapped into place within the nappy and absorbency can be added or removed as required. The smaller insert is ideal to use on its own in a newborn cloth nappy as it keeps the nappy trim without unnecessary absorbency that isn’t required until the baby grows larger.

Added protection against leaks

These nappies work well from newborn age as they feature a double leg elastic, they are otherwise known as double gusset cloth nappies. As mentioned above, newborns are often born with thin legs, and this extra elastic allows for a flush seal with no gaps. This helps prevent leaks from escaping in this area.

Eco-friendly newborn cloth nappies

Did you know that in Australia and New Zealand, 4 million disposable nappies are used every day alone? Using washable cloth nappies reduces your household waste and prevents thousands of nappies from sitting in landfill for 500 years. NappyLuxe newborn cloth nappies are a snap in system, meaning that the cover can reused for multiple nappy changes when wet, and extra cloth nappy inserts can be snapped in.

Luxuriously soft newborn cloth nappies

For a delicate newborn baby, only the softest cloth nappies will do. Each NappyLuxe nappy is made with premium quality and luxuriously soft materials to keep baby feeling happy and dry. These types of nappies come in 2 parts and are sometimes referred to as All in Two (Ai2) cloth nappies. The water-resistant outer layer (PUL, Polyurethane Laminate) is extra soft, and each inserts is topped with a stay-dry layer of microfleece for added comfort.

Buy once, not twice

Parents who choose to purchase a separate stash of newborn sized cloth nappies will find that these only fit the baby for a few months at most - babies grow so fast! These parents then need to buy another stash of OSFM nappies for their growing baby. Choosing NappyLuxe means choosing a nappy that effectively does both jobs, preventing parents from needing to buy twice.


Using cloth nappies requires an upfront investment to buy a stash, then it takes several months before you start to break even and begin saving money. Did you know that using cloth nappies from birth means you’ll see the biggest savings? Newborn babies need their nappies changed more regularly than older babies, due to the fact that they feed, poo and wake so frequently. They usually get through an average of around 10 nappies a day, whereas older babies may only get through 5 or 6. This means that using cloth nappies straight away while your baby is a newborn give you the best bang for your buck.

Easy to use

One of the many benefits of snap in vs pocket nappies is not having to navigate fiddly small pockets with adult sized hands. Simply snap inserts into place to start using.

Easy to keep clean

Those wanting to get their cloth nappies white again needn't worry. NappyLuxe cloth nappies are designed to be stain resistant and easy to wash. Follow our easy guide: How to Wash & Clean Modern Cloth Nappies Correctly.

Choosing newborn cloth nappies that grow with your baby has many benefits for your family. NappyLuxe premium cloth nappies are well suited for newborn babies and beyond, shop the collection now.