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All in Two Nappy Video Review

"I Just Love Them"

We caught up with full-time cloth nappy user, Jennifer, to find out why she loves NappyLuxe nappies for her two little girls. Jennifer also shares advice for those thinking of making the switch from disposable nappies to cloth.

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Why NappyLuxe?

Choose an easy use one-size-fits-most double gusset cloth nappy, which grows with your baby, and is crammed full of clever design features.

Make switching to cloth smoother than a baby's bum.

"Just So Easy"

Having tried over 20 different cloth nappy brands, Naomi has stacks of experience using cloth nappies. Find out why she loves NappyLuxe and which nappy design features she likes best.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
As an experienced cloth nappy user, we were super impressed with this nappy! We loved the microfleece layer on the inserts as it kept bub dry. The cute print, well that's just a bonus!
— Naomi F
Customer reviews
I just love how buttery soft the nappy is against my baby's skin, it's a dream!!! The sizing of the nappy is spot on, not too big or too small.
— Leia N
The evolution of cloth nappies - from terry towelling to the modern nappies we know and love today

The Evolution of Cloth Nappies

Reusable nappies have been around for centuries.

Many of us would have worn terry-towelling nappies as babies, before disposables became the norm in the mid 1900's.

Reusable cloth nappies have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently as they have evolved and become easier to prepare, use and wash.

NappyLuxe cloth nappies are an old classic modernised for today's busy parents. You'll love'em!

All in Two Cloth Nappies

What is an All in Two cloth nappy?

An all in two (Ai2) cloth nappy is a reusable nappy system that consists of two parts - a water resistant outer cover and absorbent inner inserts which are snapped securely into place. The inserts can be removed and replaced with a fresh ones as needed, reducing your washing load, making it a very versatile and convenient option for busy parents. Ai2 nappies are also referred to as snap and wipe or snap in nappies.

What is the difference between all in two and pocket nappies?

Ai2 nappies are often compared to pocket nappies, as they both have removable absorbent inserts. However, there are some differences between the two types of nappies. Ai2 nappies are easier to prepare as the cloth inserts can be snapped into place. There are also no fiddly pockets to navigate which can be especially tricky for parents with bigger hands.

What is the difference between all in one and all in two cloth nappies?

All in two cloth nappies separate into two parts for washing, whereas all in one cloth nappies are sewn together as one piece. The main benefit of all in two cloth nappies is that when they are needing to be soaked, the inserts can remain soaking for a long duration of time as required to remove the stains, while the more delicate nappy covers cannot be soaked for long. All in two nappies are easier to clean and dry, plus can accommodate more inserts. This makes them a great choice for parents of heavy wetters who require added absorbency. If you're looking for a versatile and easy to use reusable nappy option, which helps reduce your washing load, a NappyLuxe all in two nappy makes a great choice.

How many all in two cloth nappies do I need?

To use all in two cloth nappies full time, you will need around 24 nappies. To use them part-time you may like to have around 12 nappies. A further benefit of all in two cloth nappies is that the nappy cover can be reused multiple times before washing if it isn't soiled, and fresh inserts can be snapped in. This means that parent can get more nappy usage and reduce the amount of washing they need to do.

How to wash all in two cloth nappies

All in two cloth nappies can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend a two-step wash routine to ensure they remain clean and fresh. Learn more about how to wash and clean modern cloth nappies correctly.

Where to buy all in two cloth nappies from?

All in two cloth nappies can be purchased online from NappyLuxe online store. By ordering all in two cloth nappies online from NappyLuxe, you ensure that your nappies arrive safe and fast. We also provide free shipping for orders over $125.

Can I get a council rebate for my all in two cloth nappies?

Yes, many councils in Australia provide cloth nappy rebates. The rebates provide a financial incentive for parents to choose the sustainable options of using cloth nappies for their baby. Read more about how to get cloth nappy council rebates.

What's the easiest type of cloth nappy?

When choosing a cloth nappy, it's important to choose one that quick to prepare, results in minimal washing, and is long-lasting to avoid needing to buy again. NappyLuxe all in two cloth nappies are a snap in design, making preparation after wash day a quick and easy process. Because the nappy covers can be reused multiple times before washing if not soiled, there is less washing to do. Finally, NappyLuxe are premium quality nappies made with long-lasting materials, designed to stand the test of time.

Are all in two cloth nappies the same as snap in cloth nappies?

Yes, all in two cloth nappies are the same as snap in cloth nappies. Snap in nappies come in two parts: the water-resistant cover, and the absorbent inserts. This is why they are otherwise known as all in two nappies.