Eucalyptus wet bag with a cloth nappy inside
Keep clean and dirties separate in the same bag

Double-Pocket Wet Bags

A NappyLuxe double-pocket wet bag provides excellent value with two separate zipped compartments. Effectively get two bags in one, and easily separate your clean and dirty items. We also use premium quality YKK zippers to ensure your wet bags last for years.

Wet bags hanging from wooden clothes horse
Easily repurpose your wet bag

Multi-Use Bag

Wet bags are commonly used alongside a cloth nappy stash to transport nappies or inserts, but quickly become a parenting-essential item well into the schools years.

When baby graduates nappies and you no longer need to pack everything but the kitchen sink for outings, they can be used to take a few items instead of a large nappy bag.

When your little one is at kindy or school, use it for bathers or spare clothing.

Simply wash and reuse

Fully Machine Washable

The beauty of swapping disposable plastic bags for a NappyLuxe wetbag, is how easy they are to wash and reuse. With our helpful washing instructions, you can simply open the zips, throw them in the washing machine in any wash load under 60 degrees, then line dry in the shade.

Nappy Wet Bag FAQs

What is a baby wet bag used for?

They are a multipurpose bag, commonly used to transport clean or dirty modern cloth nappies.

They are used instead of disposable plastic bags, and they feature a water-resistant outer layer, making them suitable for transporting damp items.

Other items that can be placed inside the bag include; clothes, swim-wear, swim nappies, toys, day care items, dirty training pants, nursing pads/breast pads, extra nappy inserts, rubbish, a cloth pad stash, change mats, a baby carrier, the list goes on.

Can a wet bag be used for swimwear?

Yes, they are suitable for transporting swimwear, including bathers, a reusable swim nappy, a small towel, and goggles. Note that items should be wrung out to remove most of the water before being placed into the bag to avoid the bag becoming overly saturated.

How many wet bags do I need?

Most cloth nappy users find they need multiple wet bags.
We recommend between three and five depending on how often you plan to wash and use them.

The NappyLuxe bag is a double-pocket wet bag that enables you to keep clean nappies on one side and soiled nappies in the other compartment.

How do I clean a reusable wet bag?

They are fully machine washable up to 60 degrees, and should be line dried in the shade.

The handy strap can be used to attach the wet bag anywhere for easy drying.

We do not recommend tumble drying or drying in the sun, as this can damage the water-resistant layer causing it to leak.

View our care instructions to learn how to wash your products. We also provide more information about how to use wet bags in our cloth nappy guide.

Do wet bags keep the smell in?

The water-resistant layer (made from PUL) keeps dampness and smells inside, so they are an ideal place to store dirty nappies when you’re on the go.

What size wet bag do I need?

An ideal-sized wet bag to use for day trips should be able to hold a day's worth of nappies - around six.

The NappyLuxe bag is a medium wet bag, measuring 30cm x 40cm, and can comfortably hold up to seven nappies.

We intend to stock a mini wet bag, a small wet bag, and large wet bags in the future. A large wet bag is suitable for holding multiple days’ worth of nappies.

What is the difference between a wet bag, a nappy bag, and a nappy pod?

A nappy bag is typically a large bag with multiple compartments, used for all baby items while out the house.

A nappy pod and a wet bag operate in the same way, allowing you to store clean and dirty nappies in. They are both made from water-resistant material.

Where can In find shipping information?

Our shipping policy can be viewed here. We endeavour to ship your order throughout Australia and New Zealand within 48 hours.

When placing your order, you have the option for standard or express shipping, and your order will be fulfilled with Australia Post.

What type of nappies is the wet bag best used with?

Any nappies can be used in conjunction with the wet bag, including swim nappies. The NappyLuxe nappies are all-in-two meaning that the absorbent inserts snap into place on the nappy cover.

What other cloth nappy accessories do you stock?

NappyLuxe currently stocks many different prints of reusable nappy (including a handy trial pack to get you started using cloth) a portable change mat, cloth wipes, insert packs, trifold inserts, and bamboo nappy liners.

We will be adding new arrivals as soon as possible including swim nappies. Shop cloth nappies now.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Afterpay, American Express, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Visa Debit and more. You can also purchase a NappyLuxe gift card for the ideal gift and this can be redeemed against any products on our site: both sale price and regular price items.