Nappy Wet Bag FAQs

What are baby wet bags used for?

Nappy wet bags are a multipurpose bag, commonly used to transport a number of clean or dirty modern cloth nappies.

They have a water-resistant outer layer so are suitable for transporting damp items.

Other purposes they can be used for include: clothing, swim-wear, toys, daycare items, to hold rubbish when out and about, the list goes on.

How many wet bags do I need?

Most cloth nappy users find they need multiple wet-bags, especially if they’re venturing out often.

We recommend between three and five wet bags depending on how often you plan to wash and use them.

How do I clean a reusable wet bag?

Our wet bags are fully machine washable up to 60 degrees.

They should then be line dried in the shade.

The handy strap can be used to attach the wet bag anywhere for easy drying.

We do not recommend tumble drying or drying in the sun, as this can damage the water-resistant layer causing it to leak.

Do wet bags keep the smell in?

Wet bags are made from a water-resistant layer which keeps dampness and smells inside, so they are an ideal place to store dirty nappies when you’re on the go.

What size wet bag do I need?

An ideal sized wet bag to use for day trips should be able to hold a days worth of dirty nappies - around six

Our wet bags are a medium size, measuring 30cm x 40cm, and can comfortably hold up to seven nappies.