30-Minute FREE Cloth Nappy Online Consultation

Great For New Parents

Our FREE one-on-one online consultation includes advice on the following:

  1. Cloth Nappy Preparation: Learn the essentials for getting your cloth nappies ready for use.
  2. Perfecting Your Fit: Discover the correct way to fit cloth nappies for optimum comfort and effectiveness, and to prevent leaks.
  3. Storing Used Nappies: Find out the right and wrong way to store used nappies to avoid smells and stains from forming.
  4. Washing and Maintenance: Learn how to wash and clean your cloth nappies to ensure they smell great and last for years. 
  5. Drying Techniques: Uncover efficient and easy methods for drying your nappy inserts and covers.
  6. Night Nappy Setup: Learn how to build the absorbency your baby needs to last 12 hours overnight and avoid leaks.
  7. Common Pitfalls: Be aware of common mistakes made by new cloth nappy users and how to avoid them.
  8. Open Q/A: Address any lingering questions or concerns with our expert.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight and confidence to set your cloth journey up for success. 

Order your free, no obligation session today and a member of our team will reach out to arrange a suitable time and date. 

Please note that this complimentary service is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. 

Available to both existing and new customers.

Trusted by Aussie Families
Trusted by Aussie Families
I just love how buttery soft the nappy is against my baby's skin, it's a dream!!! The sizing of the nappy is spot on, not too big or too small.
— Leia N
Trusted by Aussie Families
As an experienced cloth nappy user, we were super impressed with this nappy! We loved the microfleece layer on the inserts as it kept bub dry. The cute print, well that's just a bonus!
— Naomi F
Sustainably Packaged

Home-Compostable & Recycled Materials

Orders are shipped in reusable certified home-compostable mailers made from cornstarch. Hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper along with our tissue paper.