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"They Contain Everything"

Hear from 5 Aussie Mums about why NappyLuxe is their go-to brand of washable cloth nappies. Having tried 50+ brands between them, these Mums know what's important in choosing a good nappy: reliability, containment of mess, softness, cute prints, and more.

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Why NappyLuxe?

Choose an easy use one-size-fits-most cloth nappy, which grows with your baby, and is crammed full of clever design features.

Make switching to cloth smoother than a baby's bum.

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"I Just Love Them"

We caught up with full-time cloth nappy user, Jennifer, to find out why she loves NappyLuxe nappies for her two little girls. Jennifer also shares advice for those thinking of making the switch from disposable nappies to cloth.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
As an experienced cloth nappy user, we were super impressed with this nappy! We loved the microfleece layer on the inserts as it kept bub dry. The cute print, well that's just a bonus!
— Naomi F
Customer reviews
I just love how buttery soft the nappy is against my baby's skin, it's a dream!!! The sizing of the nappy is spot on, not too big or too small.
— Leia N
The evolution of cloth nappies - from terry towelling to the modern nappies we know and love today

The Evolution of Reusable Cloth Nappies

Washable nappies have been around for centuries.

Many of us would have worn terry-towelling nappies as babies, before disposables became the norm in the mid 1900's.

Reusable cloth nappies have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently as they have evolved and become easier to prepare, use and wash.

NappyLuxe cloth nappies are an old classic modernised for today's busy parents. You'll love'em!

Modern Cloth Nappies

If you’re searching for modern cloth nappies, you’re in the right place. Buy your stash from a family-owned, eco-conscious business based out of sunny Brisbane, Australia. With a wide selection of beautiful hand-drawn, Australian-themed prints, you can be sure you won’t find these designs anywhere else. Our reusable nappies have been carefully designed with numerous leak-preventing features to keep your little one dry and happy around the clock.

Cloth nappies are reusable

Cloth nappies are made from material that is machine washable, so can be used over and over again in the same way we use clothing. The culture of using plastic, single-use items is lessening as more people discover the amazing benefits of reusable items such as cloth nappies. Not only are they better for the environment, but they save you money too.

An old classic re-vamped for modern parents

Modern cloth nappies, usually shortened to cloth nappies, are a far cry from the old-fashioned Terry squares that our grandparents used to fold and secure with a safety pin. With zero folding required, our cloth nappies are just as easy to fit as disposable nappies, are ultra-absorbent, and feature beautiful hand-drawn prints to complete your baby’s outfit.

Cloth nappies are eco-friendly

Parents today are more aware than ever before of their impact on our precious environment. Reducing household waste is an easy way to be more eco-friendly. When you consider that each baby will get through around 6,000 nappies before they’re toilet trained, and these take around 500 years to decompose, switching to cloth nappies is a small choice that makes a big difference. NappyLuxe goes a step further with an easy snap in system, meaning you can reuse the nappy cover and simply snap in fresh inserts when your baby has done a wee. This reduces the amount of washing you need to do and further reduces your impact on the environment.

Tested for harmful chemicals

Being cautious of what you goes in your baby’s food is just as important as what goes on or against their delicate skin. As the body’s largest organ, skin absorbs the moisture and chemicals in comes into contact with, and this can enter the bloodstream. Most brands of disposable nappies don’t even state their ingredients - something which many parents see as a red flag. Choosing NappyLuxe means opting for nappies made from natural fabrics such as bamboo which have been extensively tested for harmful chemicals.

Where to buy modern cloth nappies online?

If you want to buy reusable nappies from an Australian-owned and run business, look no further than NappyLuxe. Our nappies have been carefully crafted to prevent leaks whilst providing optimal comfort for your baby. Using washable nappies instead of disposables is a step towards being more eco-friendly, however, NappyLuxe goes a step further with an easy snap-in design - simple snap-in new inserts when your baby has done a wee in their nappy and reuse the cover. This reduces your wash load and further reduces your impact on the environment.

Popular nappy bundles

All of our cloth nappy bundles come with great savings and free shipping. One of our most popular bundles is our part-time cloth nappy bundle - perfect for those wanting to use cloth nappies part-time. We also have a starter pack bundle which is ideal for those wanting to start small by giving cloth a go. For those ready-to-use modern cloth nappies at night, choose our night-time bundle which includes extra bamboo trifold inserts to increase absorbency.

Popular cloth nappy accessories 

It’s easy to use modern cloth nappies on the go by purchasing some accessories such as nappy wet bags - these can be used to place dirty nappies in to bring home with you for washing at a later time. Another popular accessory is a portable change mat, providing a clean and hygienic water-resistant surface to change your baby’s nappy wherever you venture. More inserts can be purchased to allow you to reuse your nappy cover and nap in fresh inserts when your baby has just done a wee. Reusable baby wipes are a great alternative to disposable baby wipes and can be used for everything from nappy changes, to bath time or meal time clean-ups.

Reusable nappies are economical

Once you invest in your stash of nappies, these are the only ones you’ll ever need to buy. They adjust easily to grow with your baby right up until they’re ready to start toilet training. Buying disposable nappies every week until your baby is toilet trained soon adds up. On the other hand, by investing in a bundle of cloth nappies, it doesn’t take long for you to break even and start seeing the savings. Our bundles also come with free shipping. Read our disposables vs cloth nappies cost comparison to see the breakdown.

Make the switch to cloth nappies today

Using reusable nappies is better for both the environment and your wallet. Join thousands of parents every day who are making the switch to cloth. Not sure which cloth nappies you need or how to get started? Reach out to the friendly team for advice.

Modern Cloth Nappy FAQs

How do cloth nappies work?

Similarly to disposable nappies, modern cloth nappies absorb your baby's waste and have an outer water-resistant layer that prevents the waste from leaking onto your baby's clothes.

Cloth nappies are washed in the washing machine and reused whereas disposable nappies are single use and take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

What are cloth nappies made from?

Whilst there are a few types and styles, the 3 elements that most modern cloth nappies have in common are:

1. A water-resistant outer layer
2. Absorbent inserts
3. Snaps to fit the nappy to your baby

How do I use cloth nappies?

Assembly is easy, the absorbent inserts snap into place on the inside of the nappy, then snap out again for easy washing.

View our fit guide to see how to correctly put the nappy on a baby.

How do I adjust the nappy as my baby grows?

There are a set of "rise snaps" on the front of each nappy cover which allow you to easily adjust the sizing to suit your baby.

This enables your nappy to grow with your baby until toilet trained.

How do I wash reusable cloth nappies?

All nappies should be stored in an airy, open basket before going through a 2-step wash.

First, a pre-wash is performed to remove soiling, followed by a main wash within 3 days to thoroughly clean the nappies ready for next use.

Our nappy washing guide provides comprehensive advice on how to wash and keep nappies clean.

Can I use the nappy at night on my baby?

Each nappy comes with 2 inserts, totalling 12 layers of absorbency.

This is ample absorbency for daytime use. The nappy is designed to easily accommodate additional absorbency for night time too.

Additional cloth insert packs can be purchased to boost the nappy for night-times.

Learn more about how to correclty use cloth nappies at night time.

Do cloth nappies restrict movement?

There are no indications that modern cloth nappies restrict movement or delay babies from reaching crawling or walking milestones.

Today's modern cloth nappies, made with premium materials, are trim fitting and don't differ much in size compared to disposable nappies.

That said, it's always a good idea to give your baby some nappy free time to experiment with moving their body without any clothing or nappies.

How do I dry pail my nappies?

A dry pail is an open, airy basket to place dirty nappies into before washing.

Start by finding a suitable place for your dry pail baskets, such as next to the change table or in your laundry area.

Place dirty nappies open into the basket, first remove solids by dropping into the toilet and rinsing in the sink.

The dry pail basket is then emptied into the washing machine every day or 2nd day.

Follow our comprehensive nappy washing guide for full instructions to complete the 2 step washing process for nappies.

Are modern cloth nappies better for baby?

Washable cloth nappies do not contain the chemicals that disposable nappies contain, and are therefore seen as a more natural and breathable alternative to sit against baby's skin.

By choosing a cloth nappy brand that has a stay-dry layer against your baby's skin, your baby is kept dry and comfortable.

Cloth nappies are also more environmentally sustainable than disposable nappies, which take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Can I use a reusable nappy for swimming?

No, you will need a separate swim nappy. Whilst the nappy cover on its own, with the inserts removed, can be used as a make-shift swim nappy if you've forgotten one, we do not recommend this as a long term solution. The reason we say this is only a back-up is because chlorine and salt water can damage the water-resistant layers. If you do use it as a swim nappy, you'll need to rinse it in fresh water as soon as you can, dry pail, and wash soon after.

We intend to add swim nappies to our range in the future.

How often should I change a reusable nappy?

Newborn babies should have their nappy changed every 2 hours. Older babies should have their nappy changed every 2 to 3 hours, but they can wear a night nappy overnight for 12 hours.

How can I stop cloth nappies leaking?

There could be a number of reasons for why your nappy is leaking. We run through the main causes and how to easily fix leaks within our ultimate guide to cloth nappies.