Portable Change Mat FAQs

How do I fold up a NappyLuxe portable change mat?

The great benefit of a portable change mat is that it folds and rolls to the size of a fist. The NappyLuxe change mat is designed to be especially small, unlike many other portable change mats that take up too much space in your nappy bag. By choosing an extra small portable change mat, you ensure you still have plenty of space in your nappy bag for other essential baby items such as cloth nappies, wet bags, and cloth wipes. The NappyLuxe portable change mat can be folded in half lengthways, then in half again to form a rectangle shape, then rolled up and snapped together in a neat, small roll.

Why do I need a baby portable change mat?

As a new parent, it's important to get out and about to allow your new baby to experience all the wonderful things life has to offer. By having a reusable portable change mat in your nappy bag, you are equipped to change your baby's nappy while out the house. A portable change mat provides the ideal water-resistant, clean, and hygienic layer to change your baby’s nappy on. Because they roll up so small, they can fit easily into your nappy bag and come with you everywhere. Most restaurants and cafes have a change table, where the portable change mat can be rolled out and placed on top. Portable change mats are also commonly used on top of beds and couches to protect the surface underneath. Reusable portable change mats are fully machine washable up to 60 degrees, so unlike their single-use counterparts, can be used time and time again.

Are portable change mats worth it?

It’s highly likely you’ll need to change your baby’s nappy away from home at some stage.

Whether this is on top of a bed at a friend or relative’s house, at the park during a picnic, or on a change table at a restaurant or cafe.

Portable change mats are important to protect the surface underneath - your relatives won’t thank you for nappy spillages onto their bed!

Portable change mats are also important to protect your baby from any germs I.e. on a public nappy change table.

Many children aren't ready for toilet training for many years, so you'll soon be well-practiced in nappy changes whilst on the go.

If you opt for single-use portable change mats, you'd need to continually buy new ones. By investing one or two NappyLuxe reusable portable change mats, you need never buy more, and the investment is well worth it in the long run.

How many changing mats do I need?

As mentioned above, NappyLuxe portable change mats are fully machine washable and can be reused over and over again. We therefore recommend having two portable change mats, so that you have a spare for while one is in the wash.

You may find if you have a baby that likes to wee as soon as their nappy is being changed (newborn boys are notorious for this!) then more portable change mats may be needed.

Unlike single used portable change mats, reusable ones are more sustainable for our planet.

How do I wash a portable change mat?

Our portable change mats are fully machine washable up to 60 degrees. They can be placed in the wash with any other similar coloured clothing you're washing, such as baby clothing, nappies for the main wash, or towels.

They should then be line dried in the shade.

We do not recommend tumble drying or drying in the sun, as this can damage the water-resistant layer of the portable change mat, which may cause leakage.

Learn more in our comprehensive guide: how to wash and clean modern cloth nappies correctly. In short, if you're washing your portable change mat with nappies, simply throw the change mat in with the nappies for their main wash. There is no need to pre-wash your portable change mat.

What should I look for in a portable change mat?

A portable change mat needs to have a water-resistant bottom layer to protect the surface underneath from any spills.

It should also have a soft top layer. This serves two purposes: comfort for your baby, and absorbing any leakages.

Another feature to look for in a portable change mat is one that rolls up small enough to fit easily in your nappy bag.

Many portable change mats have excessive padding, meaning they aren’t as practical to use on the go if they take up half the space in your bag.

The NappyLuxe portable change mats come with a water-resistant outer layer, a soft absorbent bamboo inner layer, and they roll up to the size of your fist. This provides the ideal balance between a hygienic surface for changing baby's nappy on, and only needing to allow for a small space in your nappy bag. Enabling you to keep lots of space in your bag for other important baby items, from toys to food and beyond.

Do portable change mats come in different sizes?

The NappyLuxe portable change mat is a one-size-fits-most item, measuring 70cm x 40cm at full size.

It's small but can still be used for older toddlers, as it provides a protective layer for their lower-torso.

It’s been designed to fold up smaller than most other portable change mats, for easy transport in your bag.