Small size, big job

Change Nappies Anytime, Anywhere

It can be hard to fit all your essentials in your nappy bag, babies seem to need everything but the kitchen sink for outings.

Ensure you choose a travel changing pad that folds up small enough to fit in your bag without compromising on space for other essentials.

We're proud that our travel changing pad folds up smaller than most other brands, leaving you to pack everything your baby needs.


Protect Your Baby From Germs

Public change tables can harbour all sorts of germs, and even ones with a mat cover might not fill you with confidence that it was recently washed. Keep your baby protected from germs during nappy change time with a hygienic and soft surface.

The travel changing pad also protects the surface underneath from leaks or spills, making beds an ideal place for nappy changes when you're at family or friends' homes.

Travel Change Mat FAQs

How do I fold up a NappyLuxe travel change mat?

The NappyLuxe baby change mat can be folded and rolled into a small package that fits neatly into your bag.

Start by folding it in half lengthways, then in half again to form a rectangle, then roll it up and wrap the strap around the package, snapping it securely together.

Why do I need a baby travel change mat?

The main benefit of a portable change mat is having a suitable surface to change your baby's nappy wherever you are.

When out of the house, you don't always know whether there will be a clean change mat to use. It's important to be hygienic to protect your little one from germs. Therefore by laying down your own travel change mat and washing it when you get home, ensures that your baby is protected from germs.

Portable change mats provide a water-resistant, clean and hygienic surface to change your baby’s cloth nappy on.

If you need to change a nappy on a relative's bed or couch, you ensure that the bed/couch underneath is protected should your baby do a wee in the middle of the nappy change.

Your baby is likely to be wearing nappies for at least a few years, using a reusable travel change mat such as these ones from NappyLuxe, means you avoid the cost of constantly purchasing single-use plastic ones.

Portable change mats are easily rolled up to be small enough to fit in a bag, making them an essential item to pack in your bag.

Are portable change mats worth it?

It’s highly likely you’ll need to change your baby’s nappy away from home at some stage.

Whether this is on top of a bed at a friend or relative’s house, at the park during a picnic, or on a change table at a restaurant or cafe.

Portable change mats are important to protect the surface underneath - your relatives won’t thank you for nappy spillages onto their bed!

How many changing mats do I need?

We recommend having a minimum of two change mats, so that you have a spare for when one is in the wash.

You may find if you have a baby that likes to wee as soon as their nappy is being changed (newborn boys are especially notorious for this!) then more are needed.

How do I wash a travel change mat?

Our mats are fully machine washable up to 60 degrees.

They should then be line-dried in the shade.

We do not recommend tumble drying or drying in the sun, as this can damage the water-resistant layer causing it to leak.

Read more in our handy guide: how to wash and clean modern cloth nappies correctly.

What should I look for in a travel change mat?

A change mat needs to have a water-resistant bottom layer, this protects the surface underneath from any spillages.

It should also have a soft top layer. This serves two purposes: comfort for your baby, and absorbing any spillages.

The NappyLuxe changing mat is made up of a water-resistant outer layer and absorbent inner layer of super-soft bamboo.

Another feature to look for in a changing mat is that it rolls up small enough to fit easily in your bag.

Some change mats that have more padding aren’t as practical to use on the go if they take up half the space in your bag.

By choosing a travel change mat from NappyLuxe, you ensure you have a suitable nappy change surface wherever you need it. You also benefit from having one that folds up smaller than most, leaving room in your bag for other essential baby items such as reusable nappies, nappy wet bags, cloth wipes, and more.

Do portable change mats come in different sizes?

The NappyLuxe changing mat is a one-size-fits-most item, measuring 70cm x 40cm at full size.

It’s been specially designed to fold up smaller than most other portable change mats for easy transport in your bag.

This means when choosing a reusable travel change mat over a disposable one, you aren't having to compromise on space.

What is the difference between a change pad cover and a travel changing mat?

A change pad cover works like a fitted sheet for a changing pad, with elasticated corners. It is also machine washable, but it is unsuitable for travel because it doesn't have a water-resistant layer, and the changing pad itself is too large to bring out with you.

A purpose-made travel changing mat is made to fold up very small and has a built-in water-resistant layer underneath, making it an ideal travel companion.

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What payment methods are available?

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What other items do you stock?

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