Frequently Asked Cloth Insert Questions

How many cloth inserts do I need?

For day-time use, you will need to use either the large NappyLuxe insert on its own, or both inserts that come with the nappy.

Together these inserts provide twelve layers of absorbency.

To reduce the amount of washing, you can purchase extra inserts to enable you to simply switch out the inserts without changing the cover.

How to put inserts in cloth nappies?

NappyLuxe inserts are easily snapped into place on the nappy cover within seconds - there are no fiddly pockets to stuff the inserts inside.

How long do cloth nappy inserts last?

The twelve layers of absorbency provided with each NappyLuxe nappy is enough to last until your baby is due to have their nappy changed every two to three hours.

For night time use, we recommend boosting with trifold inserts.

What are the best inserts for cloth nappies?

We believe that Bamboo Terry is the best insert for cloth nappies, as it provides an idea balance between absorbency and fast drying time, whilst retaining its softness and shape even after years of use.

Learn more about what the best cloth nappy inserts are made from in our detailed comparison.

Can I use NappyLuxe inserts with my other cloth nappies?

Yes, our inserts are universal and compatible with other reusable nappies.

Snap in or lay the inserts into your other nappies. If you use pocket nappies, place the inserts within the pocket.