Snap in cloth nappy

You've made the decision to give cloth nappies a try, but you'd since found out there are many different types and styles of nappies to choose from. Here we make sense of the 2 main types of cloth nappies, snap in vs pocket, to arm you with the information you need before buying.

We will first look at the similarities: both styles of nappies are made up of 2 parts - a water-resistant outer layer, and an absorbent inner.

Most premium cloth nappies each come with 2 absorbent inner parts, these are known as cloth nappy inserts.

If you're wondering why it isn't the norm for cloth nappies to comprise of just one single piece of material, the reason for separating these parts is mainly for ease of washing.

Let's take a look at snap in vs pocket nappies.


What are pocket nappies

Pocket nappies are a type of modern cloth nappy with a piece of material sewn onto the inner layer of the nappy cover, with a small opening at 1 or both ends.

It's this opening where the absorbent inserts can be stuffed inside ready for use.

What are snap in nappies

A snap in nappy is a type of modern cloth nappy with snaps on the inside of the nappy cover and on the inserts.

The inserts are simply snapped into place on the nappy cover, and away you go.

The snaps hold the inserts in the exact right position so there's no guess work required.

Now let's delve a little deeper about the pros and cons of these 2 nappy types.

Nappies that are quick to prepare

After the nappies have been washed and dried, they need to be assembled, or prepared, ready for your baby to wear them again.

Finding a nappy that is quick to prepare is an important factor to consider for busy parents.

With pocket nappies, preparation involves stuffing the inserts into the small material opening until they sit in the correct position.

You then pull your hand back out of the nappy whilst holding the inserts in place with the other hand.

With snap in nappies, you simply snap the inserts into place, saving you valuable time in preparation.

This may only save you a small amount of time per nappy, but this soon adds up when you're prepping up to 70 nappies each week.

Plus, when the nappies need to go into the wash, removing the inserts from each pocket is also more time-consuming compared to releasing the snaps of a snap in nappy.

Nappies that husbands can prep

When you made the decision to give cloth nappies a try, it's likely you put some thought into who will help with the extra work involved such as washing and prepping.

If your plans involve your partner, other family members, or hired help doing any of this work, then you need to choose a nappy style that suits everyone.

Often the material opening of a pocket nappy is too small for those with larger hands to be able to stuff the insert inside.

It is a common complaint that husbands cannot fit their hands inside the nappies, as males typically have larger hands compared to females.

This is why snap in nappies are such a popular choice for parents who prefer to split the load, with no fiddly pocket to navigate.

Nappies that fit around your lifestyle

If you usually wear rings and other jewellery, you need to be aware of these potentially snagging and damaging the fabric while you stuff your hands inside pocket nappies.

With snap in nappies, you needn't worry about the possibility of damaging your nappies on any jewellery.

Finally, the repetitive motion of stuffing inserts inside pocket nappies can start to take its toll on your wrists.

There's a lot of strain on the wrists of new parents as they care for their new baby, and it's important to minimise this strain wherever possible.

Snap in nappies allow you to prepare the nappies without using your wrists to stuff or twist inserts into place.


In summary, snap in nappies have many benefits over pocket nappies including faster preparation time and ease of use for the whole family. NappyLuxe premium cloth nappies are proudly a snap in system - shop the range today.

December 05, 2022 — Barnaby Lassen