Chains of cloth inserts drying on an octopus metal hanger

Have you ever ran out of drying space on your line for your modern cloth nappies? 

If you’re a full time cloth nappy user or even a part time user, the washing load alongside your day to day clothes washing can quickly add up and the drying line or rack can become very crowded. 

This simple cloth nappy drying hack helps free up space on the clothes line. Drum roll please....

It’s quite simple really, instead of hanging out individual inserts, snap them together and create a string of inserts to clip or overlay onto your drying line or stainless steel octopus hanger.

While this does take a few minutes to prepare, you can hang up to about eight inserts in the same space. That's a huge increase in drying line space you've just saved.

Word of caution

It is not recommended to do this with a plastic peg hangers as the weight can break the clip attachments. If you do, limit it to two or three inserts per plastic peg.

You’ll have no issues with a stainless steel octopus hangers, like the one pictured by Stainless Steel Pegs Co, as they’ll easily be able to take the weight.

Remember - always keep your nappy covers out of the sun

You can dry your cloth nappy inserts and reusable wipes in the sun, but remember, never dry your nappy covers in direct sunlight as this can damage the water resistant outer layer.

It's also best not to use plastic or metal clips with your nappy covers, as these can damage the water resistant outer layer.

Instead, lay your nappy covers over a drying rack in the shade. 

That's a wrap

So that’s it, a short and sweet, quick read post explaining a simple hack which will save valuable space on the washing line and save you buying extra clothes lines/racks.

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May 02, 2022 — Barnaby Lassen
Tags: Learn