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With almost 4 million disposable nappies used every day in Australia and New Zealand, NappyLuxe has launched with a mission to reduce waste by providing high quality, easy to use modern cloth nappies.

NappyLuxe is a Brisbane based, family run business, shipping quality cloth nappies and accessories throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Why modern cloth nappies?

Disposable nappies are made of plastic and are estimated to take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

One child uses around 6,000 nappies before they are ready for toilet training, which equates to 170kg - 250kg of waste going to landfill.

Single use items are declining, as more and more people make small daily switches to reusable products, which makes a huge difference to each family’s environmental footprint.

Find out more about the environmental sustainability of switching from disposables to modern cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies are not just for the environmentally conscious, they can also save families money. Our cost-comparison breaks this down.

NappyLuxe Founder, Natalie said:

Our aim is simple, we want to provide an easy to use and more sustainable alternative to disposables. We have developed handy guides and tips for those choosing cloth and we will continue to build on this to help make the switch from disposables to cloth a no brainer.

Why NappyLuxe?

Aside from the environmental factors, here’s 10 more reasons why NappyLuxe is soon to be your favourite cloth nappy:

  1. QUICK AND SIMPLE - Using a Snap & Go system means no fiddly pocket to navigate, you simply snap the absorbent inserts onto the water-resistant cover and away you go.
  2. LUXURIOUSLY SOFT - From the soft outer cover to the stay-dry layer of microfleece that sits against baby’s bum, rest assured that your baby is cosy and comfortable.
  3. HEAD TURNING DESIGNS - Each nappy features a hand-drawn cute print created by a commissioned artist.
  4. ULTRA-ABSORBENT - Each nappy comes with 2 inserts, each insert comprises of 6 layers of absorbency, making 12 thirsty layers to keep baby dry.
  5. BUILT-IN LEAK PREVENTION - The absorbent inserts work hand-in-hand with the uniquely designed outer cover, which features a double layer of water resistant PUL material, double leg elastic, and a double back elastic to contain the dreaded poonamis.
  6. GROWS WITH YOUR BABY - It’s a one-size-fits-most nappy that is easily adjusted to fit your baby from new born all the way through until toilet training age.
  7. SAVE MONEY - By switching to cloth nappies, you can save a lot of money for your growing family. See our disposable vs cloth nappy cost comparison for full details. 
  8. EASY TO WASH - Nappy cover and insert materials have been carefully selected for ease of cleaning. We also provide a handy guide on how to wash and care for your nappies correctly.
  9. FAST DRYING - Inserts made from premium bamboo terry which provide the perfect balance between absorbency and drying time.
  10. DISCREET BRANDING - The small and discreet logo doesn’t detract from the beautiful hand-drawn nappy print.

NappyLuxe also stocks the following accessories which are often used in tandem with cloth nappies:

Where to find out more?

Shop our premium cloth nappies now, with shipping available throughout Australia and New Zealand and free shipping for all orders over $125.

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Meet the Author

Natalie Lassen

Black and white photo of Natalie with her daughter cuddling

Natalie, Founder of NappyLuxe, is an eco-conscious mother and entrepreneur who discovered the benefits of cloth nappies for her family and the environment. With a mission to create the ultimate cloth nappy, she spent years researching and testing various designs before launching NappyLuxe - a range of high-quality, easy-to-use, and ultra-absorbent cloth nappies. Natalie is passionate about sharing her experience and expertise, helping parents make informed decisions and embark on their own sustainable parenting journey.

March 11, 2022 — Natalie Lassen
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