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Set yourself up for success and avoid these 5 common mistakes most new cloth nappy users make.

Everyone starts cloth nappies with the best intentions.

But it’s easy to get side-tracked and take the easy option when you’re dealing with tiny humans (which, let’s face it, is probably the hardest challenge we’ve experienced before!).

Your cloth nappies shouldn’t leak, or have any stains or smells at all. They should last from newborn stage through to your child being fully toilet trained, and beyond to your next child.

If you’re experiencing one or some of the above issues, that indicates that you may have made a mistake with your nappies.

The best way to stay on track and wreak the cost-saving benefits that cloth nappies bring you, is to avoid making mistakes in the first place.

So here are the 5 common mistakes when using cloth nappies:

1. Not preparing new nappies correctly

Did you know you need to prep your cloth nappy inserts by washing them 5 times?

Most people know to wash clothing once before first use, and assume it’s the same for cloth nappies. Not quite.

This is fine for the nappy covers, however the inserts ideally need washing numerous times to build up absorbency.

If you only wash your nappy inserts once, they simply won’t hold much urine and may leak quickly.

Picture yourself sitting with your new mums group enjoying a coffee together on picnic rugs, you’re excited to show off your pretty new nappy print on the bum of your beautiful baby you’re cradling in your lap, the last thing you want is a leak due to incorrect preparation.

2. Not changing frequently enough

Did you know you need to change cloth nappies every two – three hours during the day?

Disposable nappy retailers actually recommend the same, any longer than this and you risk your baby developing nappy rash.

There’s a common misconception that disposable nappies don’t need to be changed as frequently, however delve into the nappy brand’s online advice and you’ll see them also recommending every two- three hours.

As a general rule, keeping a night nappy on your baby for 12 hours shouldn’t lead to nappy rash as long as you change frequently through the day.

3. Not getting the fit right

A cloth nappy that’s not been correctly fitted will likely leak.

Follow our quick cloth nappy fit guide to get the perfect fit with zero leaks.

If the nappy is too loose and the elastics aren’t creating a seal against your baby’s skin, then there’s room for leaks to creep out.

In addition, if the nappy insert isn’t sat flush against your baby’s skin, the urine can run right out and again leak!

Once you’ve got the fit right, you shouldn’t have to battle against any leaks.

4. Not washing or storing nappies correctly

We recommend washing your nappies according to our washing instructions.

If you’ve been washing them any other way, you may find stains appearing, smells, or worse - damage to your nappies, it’s highly possible this is a result of incorrect washing or storing.

The main things to remember are to treat the nappy covers with care – they shouldn’t be soaked, washed above 60 degrees, tumble dried on hot, or left in the sun to dry.

5. Incorrect absorption for night

Using cloth nappies on your baby at night can be daunting at first, and it’s often the last change people make during their switch to cloth nappies.

We recommend always going for MORE absorbency than you think your baby will need, and if the inserts are still partially dry in the morning, you know you can try one less insert the following night.

Our NappyLuxe nappies are designed to be used both day and night, you simply add more absorbency for night time.

These are the 5 most common mistakes we see with cloth nappies, which can sometimes leave new parents feeling like they’re struggling.

Want to make sure you set yourself up for success and avoid making any mistakes with your cloth nappies? Read our Ultimate Free Cloth Nappy User Guide! 

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