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Turn nappy preparation time into fun and games to keep your toddler entertained for hours - with these 5 cloth nappy games.

Keeping a toddler entertained all day is no easy task, and we parents are always looking for fun new activities for our little one.

Especially on a rainy day when stuck inside, toddlers soon get bored of their existing toys and are looking for something new to do.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to keep your toddler entertained, in fact you can use your existing stash of cloth nappies to create some fun-filled games.

We've therefore created our top 5 games you can play with your little one using your cloth nappies and other items around the house.

Disclaimer - we are talking about your clean and dry cloth nappies! Following our cloth nappy wash guide means they're kept free from stains or smells, and are 100% clean.

Forgot the baking, these mess-free toddler entertainment ideas are both fun and free as it makes use of what you've already got. 

1. Create shapes with your cloth nappies

Experts agree that most toddlers start to learn shapes around the age of 2. This simple game involves laying out your cloth nappies to create shapes. Help your toddler make the shape then help them identify the name of the shape so they can learn as they go.

2. Cloth nappy bean bag toss

Use your washing basket as a target and help your little one toss your cloth nappies in. If you've got a toddler basketball hoop, this works even better. Take it in turns and give yourself a handicap of standing further back ! Alternatively, you can use painters tape to create different targets on the floor. This game helps your little one work on their hand-eye coordination.

3. Cloth nappy scavenger hunt

While your little one is napping, hide loads of nappies around the play room. When they wake up, explain the game to them and help them find them. This game helps to boost observation skills for your little one, and is a great warm up for when the Easter Bunny comes to visit.

4. Cloth nappy egg and spoon race

Grab a couple of spatulas from the kitchen and balance a cloth nappy on the end. Use painters tape to make out a start and finish line and help your little one keep the nappy balanced on their spatula to complete the race. Be sure to celebrate them crossing the finish line. This game helps to develop your toddler's hand-eye coordination, ability to follow instructions, and their sense of balance.

5. Cloth nappy sorting

With your washing basket full of nappy covers and cloth nappy inserts, get your toddler to help sort inserts into 1 pile and nappy covers into another pile. As they're sorting you can snap the inserts onto the covers and thus creating nappies that are prepped and ready to go. This game helps your little one to build their cognitive skills as they learn how to categorise items. This is our favourite "game", as really it's just getting your toddler to help you with your household chores! 

We hope you enjoyed our 5 cloth nappy games to play with your toddler, and we hope this makes nappy preparation time fun and entertaining. 

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February 07, 2023 — Natalie Lassen